Issue by Issue – Micronauts #6

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Micahel Golden
Inker – Josef Rubinstein
Colours – Roger Slifer
Letters – John Costanza

With Steve’s dad and Dr. Prometheus falling down the warp tunnel at the Human Engineering Life Laboratory on the Cape Canaveral campus and quite possibly being dead with the latter’s robot soldiers after them, the Micronauts and their new human friend are on the run for their lives Getting off of the base is a little easier said than done and yet, with a little teamwork, they manage to do so and they head back to Steve’s house to pick up Biotron and the Endeavor with the repairs finally being completed. Michael Golden and Bill Mantlo create another fun-filled spectacle with this sixth issue, one packed to the gills with action and excitement, not to mention a good dose of suspense as the group find themselves on the run from both the soldiers and the Air Force. The best thing about it all though is that Mantlo and Golden make readers root for the heroes the entire way as they face literally insurmountable odds and yet, somehow they do what few would be able to and get away. Back on Homeworld, the resistance leader named Slug has somehow broken into Prince Argon’s cell to get him out and if she has anything to say about it, the resistance will rise even stronger to overthrow Baron Karza and shut down his infernal Body Banks. On top of all of this, the fate of Dr. Prometheus is revealed and it could mean bad things for the Micronauts down the line as Karza is the one who has discovered him floating in space, while Steve’s dad also seems to be fine thanks to a little intervention from Time Traveller. From the first page to the last, the book races by with the pace never letting up and Golden’s artwork while spectacular in previous issues becomes even better here. Case in point, one only has to look at the car chase between the police and Steve in his dad’s pickup truck. Bug and Acroyear attacking the cruisers is a thing of beauty, at least when it comes to perspective and the rest of the book follows in the same vein. Readers do have to feel bad for Steve though, who for all intents and purposes, has just lost his dad and has had his entire world turned upside down, the kid not even getting a moment to mourn or even think about anything as stopping to do so could mean jail or even worse. As for the Micronauts, they are reunited once more and stronger for it and not only do they have Steve on their side, but Muffin who has become Marionette’s best friend.

4 out of 5

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