Issue by Issue – Micronauts #5

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Michael Golden
Inker – Josef Rubinstein
Colours – D. R. Martin
Letters – Jim Novak

While Biotron works on the Endeavor giving it some much needed repairs, the rest of the Micronauts have made their way to Cape Canaveral and the Human Engineering Life Laboratory or H.E.L.L. for short, whose name does not bode good things. Arriving there, they find the vehicle used by Ray and Steve Coffin and see the great beast Muffin still in the truck. Marionette believes that all Muffin wants to do is be friends and she quickly forms a bond with the dog to the amazement of the crew. As it is, they break into the lab looking for their missing friend Bug, who just so happens to be inside already. Writer Bill Mantlo and artist Michael Golden take this opportunity to introduce a new villain into the book in Phillip Prometheus whom the Coffins have come to see about the Micronauts, only to learn that he was already aware of them and exploring ways to pass through the Space Barrier so that he might find a way to the Microverse to rid himself of the rest of his humanity. It is then that he reveals himself to be part robot and it is also discovered that those who work with him are also cyborgs and loyal to the Doctor. When Phillip gets rough with Steve, Bug interferes and soon the rest of the Micronauts make themselves known, much to the joy of the Doctor who wants to experiment on them. A battle ensues and the book ends up being packed with quite a bit of action as the Micronauts take on foes much larger than themselves. Back on Homeworld, Slug and the rest of the rebels are being readied for the Body Banks of Baron Karza, readied so that rich patrons might inhabit their bodies for the next thousand years of more. Slug is more than worried and when a transformed Prince Argon tries to escape and cause a rebellion of his own, he is stopped cold before he even begins and Slug who had spoken in defence of him is then chosen as the next to enter the Body Banks. Mantlo and Golden do a fantastic job at bringing this book to life, creating a world and a universe for what was a toy line and making it something special, something more than what it was ever dreamed to be. The drama hits home and in-between the book is thrilling, this issue included. Though it might end on a cliff-hanger, the story is so good that it calls the reader back for more and it cannot be ignored.

4 out of 5

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  1. This issue of Micronauts really ramps up the action. Phillip Prometheus was a great foes as well for our heroes while they are on Earth. With the action also unfolding back in the microverse on Homeworld and Kazar’s body banks, Mantlo and Golden have really excelled themselves with this issue.

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