Issue by Issue – The Gunhawks #5

Writer – Gary Friedrich, Stan Lee
Artist – Syd Shores, Gene Colan
Inker – Jack Abel
Colours – Benjamin Hunt
Letters – Denise Vladimir

Rushing back to the Indian encampment, Reno found Kid Cassidy passed out on the ground and quite possibly dead with a grizzly bear standing over him. After defeating the bear, he swears to get revenge upon those responsible, but before it goes any further a Mr. Graves shows up to deliver a shipment of guns and in return, it is not gold he wants, but Reno. For his part, Reno is incensed and puts up a fight, yet it is all for naught and he finds himself a prisoner while Cassidy is going to be put to death for failing in his final task. Once more, Syd Shores and Gary Friedrich serve up a great story that finds its heroes in quite the predicament, each one facing a trial of their own. Though he might be tied up and unable to escape at the moment, Reno overhears Graves talking to a soldier upon the trail, a conversation that details the final extermination of the tribe they had just left. So it is with a little gumption on his side, Reno manages to get away in order to warn them. Not having made the best impression earlier that day, the Indians refuse to believe the man until it is too late and they are under attack. Finding Cassidy alive and somewhat okay, the two make their escape from the camp, Reno not knowing that he has just left Rachel, the woman he has been searching so hard for, behind. As it is, something draws Reno back to the tribe again where almost all of them lay dead, all that is except for Grey Fox and Rachel who ride off while Cassidy knocks Reno out from behind. Friedrich makes it all bittersweet come the end of the story, one that is to be continued of course as Reno has just found the woman he loves, not understanding that she has now slipped beyond his grasp once again and not knowing that Cassidy has betrayed him in order to stay true to Rachel. In a second tale by none other than Stan Lee and Gene Colan, it is a tale of friendship, of one man believing in that friendship no matter the adversity that it faces. It involves cattle rustling and a man trying to pin the crime on another, but in the end the true motives and culprit are discovered and said friendship continues on. It is a worthy story to be featured in the book as short as it is, and it puts a smile on the reader’s face as it makes those who read it want to believe in the best of humanity, in something as strong as a friendship. An overall great issue by a powerhouse team of creators at the top of their game.

4 out of 5

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