Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #59

Writer – Marv Wolfman, Ralph Macchio
Artist – Chic Stone
Inker – Al Gordon
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Irving Watanabe

After the big Project Pegasus storyline, this particular issue of Marvel Two-In-One took a bit of a break from the big, earth-shaking story-lines and thus felt like a fill-in and there is every possibility that it was when first published. While it was a fun tale that co-starred the Human Torch, little of note happened that would matter in the lives of the two heroes, the other of course being Ben Grimm. The story was humourous with a soon-to-be husband looking to complete some goals he set out for himself before he turned thirty, the complicating factor of it all being that the date of his birthday was his wedding date as well. The goals, for all intents and purposes were almost impossible ones, those being three different professions including being a cowboy, a fireman and a detective which is where some of the humour in the book would stem. With a frustrated fiancé and the staunch heroes of the Fantastic Four seemingly having to save the man’s life as he goes about the business of attaining these goals, it all looks like something bad could happen at any minute and there are times where it almost does. That being said, Ben and Johnny manage to prevent it, but there are a few moments where the reader also feels frustrated with the man who simply does not know when to quit. Marv Wolfman and Ralph Macchio pen the tale while Chic Stone and Al Gordon illustrate it as well as any story in the title, but it would have been nice to see something a little more substantive. True, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are allowed some down-time and there are days where they face other challenges besides the villain-of-the-week, but this book could have been much better than it was, not that it was all that bad in the first place.

3 out of 5

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