Issue by Issue – Micronauts #4

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Michael Golden
Inker – Josef Rubenstein
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – John Costanza

The book begins with Baron Karza’s forces descending upon a group of rebels and they do so without mercy. They are looking for the leader of this cell, one who goes by the name of Slug and if they have to kill every man, woman and child to do so, they will do just that. When it is all said and done, Slug avoids being killed, but is captured with those who remain and eventually she is led to the Body Banks where Karza will use them to extend the lives of his chosen, of those who follow his rule. Back on Earth, Bug who was left behind when the Micronauts and the Endeavor took off in order to survive is still in the backyard of Steve Coffin and he remains so in order to gain one of the flyers now in the possession of Steve’s dad who wishes to take them to Cape Canaveral. Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden throw a few hurdles into Bug’s way as there is simply no way for him to gain access to that which he needs, but wherever those ships go, so too will Bug and he soon finds himself in the lab of Dr. Prometheus who is definitely interested in the miniature ships and devices that Ray Coffin has brought him. Mantlo does not end things there though as he also takes a look at what the crew of the Endeavor are doing, which is trying to track down their missing teammate. To that effect, they return to Steve’s house, not knowing that Bug has gone and that is as far as they are going to make it unless the Endeavor gets some much needed repairs. While things are up in the air as to whether the team will ever get back together, for Bug, getting through the day is his main concern. Golden’s artwork is beautiful to look at and a perfect fit for this science-fiction tale of kingdoms and despots and so it is that the issue ends with Prince Shaitan finally arriving back at Homeworld, his head hung in failure. He knows Baron Karza will not be happy with his performance and Karza confirms his suspicions, thereby expelling Shaitan from his court and removing the psychic hold he had on Shaitan’s people, a people that once were loyal to Prince Acroyear. All of this changes things up on Homeworld, possibly creating another problem Karza will soon have to deal with, but good news for Acroyear should he and his companions ever return home.

4 out of 5

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  1. Enjoying revisiting these issue of the Micronauts so much with this feature. The early storylines in the sereis were so exciting and action packed. Awesome cover as well with Karza attacking everyone!

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