Issue by Issue – Tor #4

Writer – Joe Kubert, Allen Asherman
Artist – Joe Kubert, Russ Heath

Though this fourth issue of Tor might be yet another reprint, the stories within it are just as good as they were the first day they were printed. Within are two, both starring Kubert’s caveman hero and in the first, he notices a little girl about to be sacrificed. He soon learns that a tribe has been tormented of late and that if they do not sacrifice the girls during each new moon, calamity will befall them. Tor decides that he will get to the bottom of this mystery as he cannot abide seeing the little girl sent off to be killed. What he finds is nothing quite so sinister as what perhaps was imagined, that being a tribe of amazons – women who themselves had been exiled and from the first tribe in the book. After a little trust-building, Tor wins them over and the two groups agree to talk, thereby ending what had been a barbaric practice. In-between the first and second tale, Russ Heath provides illustrations of the Triceratops which looks great and then it is back to Tor and Kubert once again as the caveman is called upon to take care of a villain who kills for the fun of it. The man is repulsive, killing simply because he is crippled and believes that everyone should be as twisted as he and Tor takes it upon himself to somehow take care of the problem. Thankfully, when all is said and done and by a simple side-step, the danger represented by the villain takes care of itself and yet another tribe is grateful for Tor’s wanderings. Altogether, this was a fun and adventurous issue with Tor in fine form, not setting out to be a hero, but becoming one through words and deeds and a selflessness that some cannot even attain to this very day. Kubert’s stories are simple, yet effective – drawing the reader into Tor’s world completely and his artwork, while not as refined as it would become, was still quite powerful and emotive. Even Chee Chee would get minute to shine as he would try to protect his friend Tor, though it would come to naught and Tor would end up saving him. A fun issue overall and while not the best the series has seen, one that is still worth reading.

3 out of 5

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