Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #56

Writer – Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio
Artist – George Perez
Inker – Dan Day
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Irv Watanabe

While readers might feel a little confused when opening the fifty-sixth issue of Marvel Two-In-One as it sees Thundra and the other female wrestlers trying to break into Project Pegasus, they need not worry as Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio explain that all away with a little flashback that picks up after Thundra’s wrestling match and it sees her being roped into this little crime spree with the object being the planting of a device. Suffice it to say, that they manage to do it all successfully, but when it comes for them to make their getaway, the other women betray Thundra and she ends up running into her sometime foe/possible soulmate – Ben Grimm, otherwise known as The Thing. Knowing that she is not supposed to be there and Thundra knowing that he knows, the two end up battling it out. Elsewhere in Project Pegasus, the other women consisting of Screaming Mimi, Poundcakes, Letha and Titania run into Giant-Man and Quasar respectively and it is to the hero’s surprise that the women put up quite the fight. For a moment, it all seems like Giant-Man is going to end up being defeated and Quasar being put down for the count, but right when it matters the most and summoning up the little bit of strength that the two have left, they manage to overcome their opponents and while The Thing takes care of Thundra. While all of this is going on, the traitor inside the facility is still going on about his business, the women unknowingly having just helped the man out with what he has planned. Coming aboard this issue is George Perez whose pencils are utterly gorgeous and the book ends up being one of the best-looking in the series thus far. The action is great and thanks to Macchio and Gruenwald there is a bit of humour too, specifically between The Thing and Thundra who cannot seem to agree on the definition of their relationship. At the end of it all there also happens to be a bit of drama as Ben pays a visit to Wundarr who still seems to be in his coma and yet as Ben leaves, Wundarr awakens, seemingly having heard everything that his Uncle Ben has just told him. Overall, the issue happened to be a quick read but it was a good one and the current storyline, while interesting, is taking its time getting to where it has seemed to be heading – that meaning the mystery of Wundarr and what is going on with him. It is a tiny drawback, but not enough to hurt the book or the story and not enough to keep readers away.

4 out of 5

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