Night of the Living Eye – Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

Ten years after The Killer Eye was released, a sequel of sorts would finally see the light of day in Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt. Would it live up to the amazing precedent set up by that first film? Not surprisingly, it would not be all that hard to make a film better than the original as it was one of the worst efforts ever released by Full Moon, though when all was said and done, this movie would not be cinema gold either, but it would be the superior picture.

It all begins when Jenna decides to have a girl’s night just before Halloween so her friends can help her decorate the house. Watching the movie The Killer Eye, the girls fail to realise that the replica Killer Eye behind them has come to life thanks to a crystal ball. So it is that the Eye goes around hypnotising the women, increasing their sexual desires and killing them when it pleases. In the end though, a couple of them manage to survive and the Eye is not one of them.

While audiences cannot rightfully call this the best film they have ever seen, it is heads and tails far better than the first movie as the story makes sense and the various actresses know how to act, cheesy as it might seem at times. The script is not all that great, but it does its job and overall, there is some fun to be had with the picture. With Charles Band directing, he throws in a lot of nudity and there are some decent kills within and it is definitely far more of a horror film than the first can claim to be.

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt or The Disembodied as it is sometimes known as, is a B film that will slightly entertain its audience, but not a movie that anyone would ever watch twice.

2.5 out of 5

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