Made For Each Other – Blood Dolls (1999)

For one to enjoy Blood Dolls, they have to take it at face value and not expect some great masterpiece. If that can be accomplished, there is every chance that a bit of entertainment can be derived from it, as corny and as bad as it can sometimes end up being.

What makes this film slightly interesting is the fact that the dolls in question are not the centre of attention, similar to Hideous!, where it is the human characters that take centre stage. That perhaps might have been a wise decision on the part of Charles Band who directed this effort as the dolls Pimp, Sideshow and lastly Ms. Fortune, were not exactly the best to come from Full Moon, especially after those seen in the various Puppet Master and Demonic Toys movies.

As for those who star in this film, most of it would centre around Jack Maturin as portrayed by Virgil Travis and his house of insanity, the man himself part doll-like in appearance. The man is a thoroughly despicable person, a man who treats those who serve him as slaves or worse though out of everyone in the film, he might be the most intriguing of the bunch. His rival is a woman named Moira Yulin played by Debra Mayer, a bad girl through and through and who cannot say they do not like a good villainous? That being said, a better actress might have done the part a little more justice, but overall, Mayer was decent enough for the audience to at least dislike her as much as everyone else who appeared in the movie. What becomes readily apparent is that there are no heroes in this film, no good guys and nobody to root for. It is a movie where evil faces off against its like with no real winners come the conclusion, aside that is, from those aforementioned villains who find a strange sort of love with each other.

What also makes this picture somewhat of a novelty is the fact that is has two endings and not just as an extra with a bunch of bloopers, but airing one after the other within the main body of the film. Neither is all that great to be fair, but the second provides the filmmakers a way to create a sequel, though just where it might go from here is anybody’s guess.

2.5 out of 5

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