In More Ways Than One – Head of the Family (1996)

Head of the Family is a film that looks great on the surface, but is one of the most middling enterprises ever released by Full Moon and Charles Band. It was not a bad picture, but neither was it all that great. There were moments of brilliance realised on the screen like the reveal of the titular head and the performance of J.W. Perra, but it was offset by the somewhat slow pace of it all and the amount of dialogue featured throughout, far more than the average Full Moon picture that would ultimately just drag it down.

The story involving the blackmail of mutant Myron and his family and it all being centred around two people having an affair as played by Blake Adams and Jacqueline Lovell was decent, it simply meandered along though, taking its time while trying to get where it was going. In lieu of action or mystery or suspense, Band who would direct under the name of Robert Talbot would seem to rely on nudity to carry the film along, most of it courtesy of Lovell. The problem with it all though had nothing to do with Lovell or Adams who was the lead and the man she was always having sex with, it was simply that it ended up being repetitive and serving no overall purpose other than to fill time. It was definitely not reason enough to stay tuned, that would fall to the very well-spoken Myron, the malformed head who could control his siblings telepathically. Even when the audience got to see Myron and while he was diabolical, he was simply not evil enough, especially when compared to other creatures or villains in the Full Moon canon. Perhaps it was the amount of time that would take place between those appearances by Myron that would suck the life out of them, but whatever it might have been, the picture needed a little something to punch it up and make it a little more exciting or thrilling or anything and it failed to materialise.

As far as the horror in the picture went, Band has delivered better and again, the film was not all that bad as it featured a lot of cheese in the man’s usual style with the practical effects being fantastic. The fact of the matter is, it was all just a little boring which was a shame as it could have been one of Band’s best.

2.5 out of 5

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