Stitched Together – Demonic Toys 2 (2010)

Dr. Lorca as played by Michael Citriniti, who seemingly died by taking an acid bath in the film Hideous!, is back and looking to continue his collection of oddities, this time with a few toys. To that end, he has purchased the reassembled Baby Oopsy Daisy and Jack Attack and a new/old toy at a castle called Divoletto, a doll that eventually does come to life and reanimates the previously mentioned demonic toys. Together, they create more than a little havoc and a bit of murder and combining that with a psychic, a money-grubber, the disenfranchised, the madness of Lorca and a demon and Demonic Toys 2 has a little something for everybody.

Written and directed by William Butler, the man sets his movie a little after the toys’ last appearance as they are found in various pieces. No longer in a warehouse, the film now takes place in an old gothic-type castle which is the perfect setting for a movie such as this. The various toys look great, Baby Oopsy Daisy looking like Chucky after being all stitched up and they cause all sorts of mayhem when finally let loose. Unlike the previous films in the series, this one seems a little overlong, perhaps due to the fact that the toys are not featured quite so much as viewers are used to. It does tend to hamper things a little because the audience does not tune in to see the human cast. That being said, the picture still manages to be both amusing and absurd at the same time, the best parts being those with the aforementioned dolls and the worst when Lorca or his wife took centre stage. Also appearing was Leslie Jordan to give the movie a tiny bit of star power, but Butler would fail to utilise him as well as he could have and it hampered more than helped.

The practical effects were solid as can be expected from Full Moon and overall the film looked good, it simply needed a few cuts here and there to flow a little better, but in the end, it managed to be fairly enjoyable and was left open for yet another sequel should they decide to make one.

3 out of 5

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