Not Quite So… – Hideous! (1997)

If there is one type of movie that Full Moon would excel at, it would be those featuring creatures miniature in size and thus it is that Hideous!, released in 1997 would be yet another picture filled with just that. What one will realise when watching this film though, is that those the director paints as monsters might be on the side of right while those that stand and look like regular humans are the real villains.

As it is, the picture is filled with all manner of despicable people – from a chain-smoking dealer in human bio-waste, to the so-called privileged who would buy it from her and those that would serve them, the film does not lack for vile characters to populate it. All of these people soon end up at the home of a Dr. Lorca, a man who likes to collect curiosities of the human kind, deformities and birth defects more specifically, those that are usually dead but some that somehow come to life and escape, making for a very long night with those who have come to the mansion, not wanting to leave without said creatures.

Like all Full Moon pictures, whether Charles Band is involved or not, there are usually some good practical effects, at least when it comes to the creatures involved and that is the case here with the little monsters looking just like they did indeed just crawl out of a jar of formaldehyde. There is also a bit of nudity and in this case one has to ask themselves just why it was even in the film as it made little sense, not to mention a little violence and some morally objectionable people. As for the latter, viewers will want to see those people get the wrong end of the stick once the creatures are loose as they are simply so disgusting, it is hard to feel any connection with them at all. Some might say that there was supposed to be some humour present within and once again, it is hard to find any, but at the very least there is a decent amount of horror that would come into full effect once the little monsters were on the loose.

Generally speaking, when a person watches a movie released by Full Moon Entertainment, there are certain things that one expects to see and this film does have them all as previously stated, the only thing that is missing is a stronger script and perhaps a better story as it was fairly similar to many of their other films starring puppets or toys or the like. Still, Hideous! Is a fun, oddball type of picture that will fill up some time during the day if in need of something to do just that.

3 out of 5

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