Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #52

Writer – Steven Grant
Artist – Jim Craig
Inker – Pablo Marcos
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Gaspar Saladino, Rick Parker

Unbeknownst to The Thing, he is the subject of a kidnapping plot and is only made aware of it when a man is assassinated in front of him, trying to warn him of it. Ben Grimm, a man of good morals and a hero in his own right is incensed and is not going to stand by and do nothing about it. When the costumed criminals decide to speed up the operation by abducting Ben now instead of later, he does not take it lying down and takes the fight to them. Lucky for him, he has a friend nearby though he does not know it at first, one who goes by the name of Moon Knight and together, the two of them make short work of the goons. Learning just where it is that these criminals originated from, Ben heads there straight off though he refuses Moon Knight’s help and lucky for him that Moon Knight ignores him as he is attacked once arriving though in the end, the two heroes are knocked unconscious and taken prisoner. Written by Steven Grant and drawn by Jim Craig, they finally introduce the mastermind behind everything that has happened thus far and it turns out to be the villain named Crossfire. Like every good, clichéd bad guy, he proceeds to tell the heroes of his plans – to use his machine to take control of The Thing and together, the two of them will use his sonic device to destroy all of the heroes that permeate New York and elsewhere. The two heroes will not let that stand of course and so eventually break free and yet another battle ensues, one where they end up victorious. While the story was a good one with the pace of it driving forward with little respite, it seemed to be a shorter tale than most, though it obviously was not. Crossfire made for an interesting villain, but it would have been nice to see a bit more action featuring him and less of the generic hires. Moon Knight too makes for a great guest but given the type of hero he is, it probably would have made a little more sense to have the two battle some sort of supernatural creature rather than the mercenary-like Crossfire. Still, this was an enjoyable story overall, but one that would be slightly forgettable.

3.5 out of 5

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