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Adjust Accordingly – Bad Channels (1992)

Bad Channels is a science-fiction/horror/comedy and while there is some science-fiction, there is little horror and absolutely no comedy. Surprisingly, that does not mean that the film is all the poorer for it, but it definitely could have been a lot better than it was.

Starring Paul Hipp as DJ Dan O’Dare, the man is a shock jock who likes to play with, provoke and garner as much attention from his audience as possible. At one point during the film, an alien and its robotic servant have taken over the radio station and there is little that Dan can do about it. Soon it becomes apparent that the alien is here to capture beautiful young women to use as toys or something even worse and while Dan reports about it all on air, nobody believes him, thinking it just a stunt.

At some time, somewhere, someone might have thought that this movie was funny, but given the amount of time since its initial release, that humour does not age well or in actuality, at all. It is hard to think that anyone enjoyed this though as all of the humour seemed forced, Charles Band and Jackson Barr who wrote the script not knowing how to write good comedy, at least when aliens are involved. It was not for lack of trying on Hipp’s part when giving his performance, but the film might have served its audience better as a straight-up horror/science-fiction movie than anything else.

As it is, the special effects are good and the alien looks great in both of its forms, as does the robot. They were for the most part, far more entertaining than the rest of the cast. Filled with a giant heaping of ridiculousness, Bad Channels was pretty much just that, with only a couple of redeeming qualities to keep it from being a total waste of time.

2 out of 5

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  1. My favorite thing about Bad Channels is that it indirectly led to Dollman vs. Demonic Toys. While that movie’s not much better, it did lead to an awesome album by Quiet Riot on Moonstone Records.

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