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Conscripted Again – Trancers III: Deth Lives (1992)

The third entry in the Trancers series called Deth Lives picks up shortly after the second and it finds the marriage between Jack and Lena on the rocks. Deth is back to being a detective, though in the 1990s when this film picks up where he decided to remain and yet, he is unable to hit it big, something he has been promising Lena for a while. All of that is moot though when a cyborg named Shark from the future comes to take Deth back as that future is in trouble once again from Trancers. These particular Trancers are a little different though, comprising soldiers hopped up on a type of super-steroid that changes them from soldier to monster. So it is that Deth is sent down the line to the year 2005 to take care of the problem, a task that may just be his hardest mission yet.

With this new film comes a new director in C. Courtney Joyner and the transition from Charles Band is flawless, though the Trancers are quite different than they were originally envisioned in the first film. Gone are the disintegrating bodies and the absolute recklessness of the mind-controlled human fodder, replaced instead by ultimate fighting machines that can be killed as easily as any other man. That in itself is a little disappointing, but the rest of the film manages to make up for it with a decent script that is in line with what has come before with spot-on characterisation and some great action sequences.

Tim Thomerson is back as Jack Deth for his third go round, as is Helen Hunt as the beleaguered wife, though she is hardly in the film at all, merely a bit part to segue Deth between marital bliss and hard-boiled Trancer hunter. There are some notable names present like Stephen Macht and Andrew Robinson as the main big bad which is interesting to see in this picture while Megan Ward stars as Jack’s first wife and new council member. Thomerson does a great job as the lead though; the man made for the part and it is easy to see why Trancers became a franchise instead of a one-hit wonder.

With the film ending on a familiar, yet new note for Jack Deth, the man able to get a fresh start unencumbered by everything in his past with a new job and a new partner in Shark, it also lives up to the first film as being just as good and maybe even surpassing the second movie in quality. This was yet another great entry in the series from Full Moon Entertainment, one that shows no signs of slowing down.

3.5 out of 5

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