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Out of Retirement – Trancers II (1991)

Trancers II is one of those rare sequels that actually lives up to the first movie by being as good, if not a little better. The bulk of the cast from the first film is back including Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, Biff Manard and Art LaFleur and it also includes Charles Band behind the camera once again with a steady hand to guide it all.

It all begins with McNulty heading back to the past where Jack Deth decided to stay for two different, yet connected reasons. The first is that Jack has been promoted to a seat on the council, as most of the members were killed off in the first film and the second being that Whistler’s brother has picked up where he left off creating Trancers with a potent and illegal drug. Factor in Jack’s dead wife, snatched from the timestream before she died so she could perform one final mission, Jack’s current wife in Hunt whom he has been with for the past six years, a complicated bit of bigamy as a result, some laughs, a lot of action and numerous Trancers and the movie ends up being more fun than it probably has any right to be.

Nice to see are the production values still as good as the first picture, almost as if this one simply picked up from the day they stopped filming the first. The special effects remain decent though no improvements seem to have been made and a bit of the future tech looks like is was assembled in someone’s garage, but all in all, Band and cinematographer Adolfo Bartoli do a great job of bringing it all together and making the film look as stellar as it does.

Thomerson is perfectly cast in the lead once again, the man able to pull off a very dry wit exceedingly well with a lot of one-liners that are ultimately corny at times, but in league with what has been previously shown. Hunt does an able job, though she had a little bit less to work with in this film than the last, with her scenes that featured Thomerson and Megan Ward as his first wife being the best. The script could have been just a bit stronger in places, but overall the story and accompanying dialogue did not disappoint.

For sci-fi aficionados and fans of the first Trancers, there is a lot of time travel talk and the repercussions of certain actions and it definitely adds a little sparkle to the film. Villains Richard Lynch, Jeffrey Combs and Martine Beswick were great with just the right amount of cheese and overall the movie just flew by, it never lagging for a second. Again, for a sequel, Trancers II was surprisingly quite good and maybe even better than its predecessor which not too many films can say.

3.5 out of 5

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