Issue by Issue – Tor #3

Writer – Joe Kubert
Artist – Joe Kubert

The third issue of Tor is yet another reprint but that does not mean that it suffers because of it as the work Joe Kubert presents is always of the best quality. The story finds Tor in a curious mood, needing adventure and what better quest than to see just what resides upon the Isle of Fire. So it is that Tor and Chee-Chee build a raft to take them to that island in the distance and along the way, they face not only the perils of the sea, but of those that reside within it. While it is not without challenge, Tor and his companion make it to their destination and promptly come upon some people being attacked by much larger men. Not content to stand idly by, Tor takes it upon himself to defend the people whom he learns are called the Fire-Men and he learns of their history and what happened to the island to make it so. What follows is a confrontation at the top of the volcano between Tor, his new companions and those who seek to sacrifice them to their fire-god and readers can easily assume that when all is said and done, it will be Tor that is left standing. Kubert presents an additional tale, much like the last issue that continues the story of Danny Wakely who somehow is able to travel back in time when he falls asleep – though is it real or simply the dreams of a child? The tale begins with Danny back in the Stone Age, fending for his life with some other men and women upon a raft on a turbulent sea and it is not only the storm they must fear, but the creatures that reside within it. Eventually Danny reaches shore and comes across a people smaller in stature than most. When speaking to them, his voice causes them extreme agony and he realises that since his arrival, he has heard no sound of anything. Danny also learns that these people are being terrorised by one of their former members who has grown larger than most and knowing that they need help, Danny is only too happy to oblige. Of course, Danny soon wakes up in the present and wonders whether he was dreaming again or if he did do all of those things back in the past. Finally, Allan Asherman presents an article on the film When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth to make for a very well-rounded issue. Great artwork from Kubert with stories to match, continues to make Tor a must-read.

4 out of 5

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