No Matter How You Dress It Up… – Ooga Booga (2013)

While there are a lot of great Full Moon pictures one could watch like Subspecies or Puppet Master, sadly there are many that are fairly awful as well and Ooga Booga falls into that latter category.

Once again like many of the movies that come from Charles Band, the film deals with the diminutive, a doll that comes to life after a young man is murdered and his soul is transferred thanks to a broken slushy machine. As strange as it may sound, Ooga Booga – which is the doll’s name, is looking to get a little revenge and thanks to his girlfriend, manages to accomplish just that.

There are little redeeming qualities to be found within, the best being the practical effects. If there is one thing that Full Moon is usually good at, it is making their creatures come to life, as silly or fake as they might seem sometimes. Aside from that, the picture was pretty terrible – the script, acting and story all as ridiculous as one might think. As for being made in 2013, the film is also very un-PC and is sure to offend more than a few people on a variety of subjects.

What is most surprising about all of this is that Stacy Keach agreed to star in this, though it is also not all that unforeseen at the same time as the man has had quite the varied career. As for Karen Black who also deigned to appear in the film, her subplot seemed unnecessary and simply featured to pad the movie’s running time.

For a horror movie, Ooga Booga failed to scare up any fright much less be entertaining, but if in need of some cheese, it will do the job better than most.

1 out of 5

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