Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #50

Writer – John Byrne
Artist – John Byrne
Inker – Joe Sinnott
Colours – Francoise Moully
Letters – Jim Novak

For the big fiftieth issue of Marvel Two-In-One, John Byrne returns to write and draw and the book finds The Thing teaming up with… The Thing. As strange as it may sound, that is indeed what happens though it is more of a battle than anything else for they face no foe other than their own stubbornness. It begins like many a tale, with Reed trying to cure Ben’s condition, though at this point in time, it is not necessarily a condition – just a state of being and of course, Reed does not have one. What he does have though is a cure for who The Thing used to be, when his form was not as hard and rigid as it currently is. So it is that an idea strikes Ben and he takes the formula and hops on Doom’s time platform so that he might travel back to an earlier time and give himself the serum in the hopes that when he gets back to the present, he will be just a normal man again. It is a risk of course, but he feels it is worth it and so takes it without a second thought. Things do not go exactly as planned and when The Thing encounters his younger self, even though they sound the same and have the same mannerisms, they end up duking it out with each other with the local setting ending up with just a little bit of property damage. Byrne paints a battle that is titanic in nature but it is a little bit sad to see the earlier version of the hero so despondent and depressed. Even the current Ben is taken aback at just how miserable he used to be. Eventually, Ben is able to administer the formula and not a moment too soon as Doom’s time platform arrives to take him back to the present. Arriving there, he continues to look exactly as he did when he first left with Reed telling him that he is what he is, only creating an alternate timeline where he is now human once again. While The Thing seems to be all right with the revelation, because he has to be after all this time, it is what he is used to and readers know that a part of him is not okay with it and longs to be a normal man once more. It is a fun tale, altogether with Byrne at the top of his game and getting a little help from Joe Sinnott along the way, the book being packed with action and drama. For an anniversary issue such as this, the story was perfect, something a little different, but just as good as all of those that preceded it.

4.5 out of 5

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