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Even at the End of It All – The Creation of the Humanoids (1962)

The Creation of the Humanoids is a post-apocalyptic film where humanity struggles to survive and in order to do so, they start to rely upon the robots that they have created and in some people’s opinion, to their detriment. Captain Cragis is one such man and is a member of a group called The Order of Flesh and Blood who want to see the robots, referred to as ‘Clickers,’ either decommissioned or reverted to a more robot-like state instead of looking as human as they currently do.

Don Megowan stars as the aforementioned Cragis, the man who polices the Clickers, though it is something that nobody really asked him or his group to do. He has an unnatural hatred against the robots, even though they mean the survival of the human species, but he does not care and he means to see something done about them one way or another. Watching this film, one will realise that the film is all about those prejudices that take place in everyday life and that here; they have followed humanity into the future. The Order of Flesh and Blood is a futuristic hate group much like any one could name and they believe that they are superior over these other beings, something that history has seen time and again and something that never works out right for those who think as they think. As for the Clickers, they have started to gain emotion and they have in fact, been continually trying and succeeding at saving humanity, in secret of course, just not in the way that anyone would have thought and when revealed, could what is left of humanity still be called human?

While the film will make the viewer think and it is a strangely compelling piece of celluloid, some of the acting could have been better and for those looking to be excited by some outlandish science-fiction might be disappointed as it is a little dry. The term ‘slow burn’ is an apt one when it comes to this movie and given the subject and how the makers of this film went about it, it is not a bad thing. That being said, it could have featured some clashes between the humans and the robots, shown some of those extremes that they hint at in the movie to punch it up a little and give it all a bit of life so to speak.

As a whole, the movie works well enough and will please those who enjoy science-fiction at a deeper level, a picture that will make the viewer think about acceptance and hate and everything in-between, though one could easily look outside their own window to see the exact same thing.

3 out of 5

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