Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #48

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Chic Stone
Inker – Tex Blaisdell
Colours – Mario Sen
Letters – Elaine Heinl

Chic Stone joins Bill Mantlo once again for the finale of The Thing’s team-up with the Yancy Street Gang. The book also happens to find the Jack of Hearts starring within and it begins with him training so that he might be better in the field and less a loose cannon, more of a precise machine so to speak. During this training, Mantlo uses it to relate the recent history of the character and that of The Corporation, whom Jack has faced off against before. As it soon turns out, Machinesmith who was the big bad behind Ben Grimm’s capture and that of the Yancy Street Gang, also happens to be working for the Corporation and thus the story comes full circle as to why the Jack of Hearts is in the book. Of course, Machinesmith goes on to boast of his plans and what he means to do as all villains tend to do. The butt of those plans involves The Thing and a mind control device, both of which Machinesmith intends to use against the Fantastic Four. There is one problem though that stands in his way and that is the Jack of Hearts who gets roped into the entire situation and before he can stop the bad guy or his cronies, he must first go through The Thing. There is a lot of action present and Stone does a great job of bringing it to life, the pages flying by effortlessly while in the thick of it. Soon enough the mind control device is destroyed and Ben is free once more to help save the day. Instead and what is great to see is that the Yancy Street Gang, perhaps realising that they might not make it out of all this alive, take matters into their own hands, break free and bring the fight to the goons who were holding them captive and knock Machinesmith out for good measure, meaning when Ben and Jack do show up, there is nothing left for them to do. It is during this last act that Mantlo injects a lot of humour and it manages to elicit more than a chuckle from the reader as the Yancy Street Gang continually insult The Thing and him just taking it all on the chin so to speak. What is also revealed is that underneath it all, there is a respect between Grimm and the gang, that no matter where the chips might fall, when it really matters, there is a level where they get along when they absolutely have to. By the last panel, everything is back to normal, The Corporation lives to scheme another day and Machinesmith is revealed to be just a robot. All in all, this was another unique birthday for Benjamin J. Grimm.

4 out of 5

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