Issue by Issue – Tor #2

Writer – Joe Kubert
Artist – Joe Kubert

For the second issue of DC’s Tor series, they decided to go the reprint route and re-present the first issue of the book which came out twenty years previous. Thankfully the story holds up well and Kubert’s artwork, even though not as polished as it is in the first issue of the series, still looks great. The book begins with Tor out hunting, coming across various dinosaurs on his travels and finally, noticing something that makes him want to get involved. It seems a Water-Beast is toying with a little monkey-like creature before it eventually devours it and Tor, not being able to stand the cries of terror, decides that he is going to intervene and save the little guy. A fierce battle ensues, but Tor is able to eventually best the creature with both his spear and his axe and when the little creature shows his appreciation, Tor names his new friend Chee-Chee. Heading back to the tribe, he immediately has a confrontation with Klar – a man that has no use for Tor, but does not have the bravado to back up his mouth. It is not too long before Tor is back in action though as another of his tribe named Zul is about to be killed by a Terror-Lizard and while the rest of the men just stand around not wanting to risk life or limb, Tor jumps into action and makes short work of the giant beast. Klar is not happy about that either as Tor ignored his order and he is only saved from a sneak attack by Chee-Chee and Lokun, chief of the tribe. Later that day, Klar and Okk, another that hates Tor, make a plan to put an end to Tor, but Kubert will not let his hero be taken out that easily and once again, Tor comes out on top, though not without a bit of punishment which comes in the form of banishment. It is there that the tale ends for now and it is a fine look at Tor’s early days, though for a new series, having a reprint in the second issue is not the most promising of signs. In a second story also by Kubert entitled Danny Dreams, it sees a young boy on a class trip at the museum and as the guide starts telling the students about the dinosaurs; Danny starts to get these strange memories of a time long ago. Soon enough, Danny finds himself transported back to prehistoric times where he runs into some cavemen who are looking to kill him and then into a giant bear. Just when all looks like it might be lost, a Sabretooth tiger shows up and engages the beat in combat while Danny makes his getaway. Eventually Danny wakes up in the present where he knows that nobody will believe what just happened to him, but then he sees the evidence of what he witnessed before him, but Kubert leaves the book on a question mark as to whether any of it was real or not. As a whole package, the book was highly enjoyable with fun stories and great artwork to match and it definitely makes readers want to come back for more when all is said and done.

4 out of 5

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