Issue by Issue – Men of War #17

Writer – Jack C. Harris, Paul Kupperberg
Artist – Dick Ayers, Jerry Grandenetti
Inker – Romeo Tanghal
Colours – Jerry Serpe
Letters – Ben Oda, Albert De Guzman

Hazard has a theory of how Defense Packet 6 got past him and his British compatriots and if he is right, then the Germans do not have much of a head start. Jack C. Harris begins the tale making Hazard seem like a bit of a madman, but the Gravedigger is not so much a madman as a man who is mad, especially after being used as a human shield in the previous issue. There is only one thing that could have gotten those papers out of there that quickly and Ulysses guess that it has to be a mini-submarine. The British do not know exactly what to think and so they follow what he says until they get official word from Colonel Birch to do exactly that. Soon Hazard is proven right and after a bit of action, he gets the papers that everyone was after, but only after the water of the Nile has destroyed them. In a second story by Paul Kupperberg and Jerry Grandenetti and starring a new character in a master spy named Rosa and taking place in 1870 Germany, the man is tasked with uncovering a traitor who has been leaking secret plans to Russia, after which he is also to kill the man. Infiltrating Baron Rhinehart’s abode and concealing his identity as another man, whom he killed of course, he is soon revealed to be an imposter as the dead man’s beloved automatically knows that he is not who he is supposed to be and it puts his mission in danger of succeeding. The story is short, but it is interesting and seeing something a little different in the book is always a good thing. Returning to the pages of the title is artist Grandenetti, formerly of Dateline: Frontline and his pencils look as great as they always do. The first half of the issue pencilled by Dick Ayers and inked as always by Romeo Tanghal looks just as good and altogether makes for a package put together exceedingly well. Questions arise such as what Gravedigger and the Allies are going to do next as well as the master spy named Rosa who has now been found out, so coming back for the next issue should be one of the easier things anyone has ever had to do as both stories are more than compelling.

4 out of 5

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