Issue by Issue – Men of War #13

Writer – Jack C. Harris, Robert Kanigher
Artist – Dick Ayers, Howard Chaykin
Inker – Romeo Tanghal, Howard Chaykin
Colours – Jerry Serpe, Adrienne Roy
Letters – Ben Oda

Ulysses Hazard is on the run for his life with the newly-rescued Major Birch by his side and surprisingly, the British soldiers who abandoned him earlier. It is a race that he has to win as he has a ton of Nazis on his tail and if he makes one mistake, it is sure to end more than badly and not simply for him. Eventually the lot of them make it free and clear and back to Britain, though not without a little consternation along the way and a bit of momentary madness after such a long and intense journey. Back in London, the next step Hazard is to make is made known as Project Gravedigger, a new mission that will take him straight back into danger. While the story by Jack C. Harris is ultimately a good one, it reads poorly as the man decided to change up the way Hazard speaks with ‘I’ pronounced ‘Ah’ and ‘I’m’ as ‘Ah’m’ and so forth. This sudden change in speech by Hazard, who also spouts forth a bit of slang as well, referring to the British as ‘cats,’ is not only dated but completely unwarranted. It is a caricature of African-Americans and a disservice to the character that has been shown to be highly intelligent and smart, capable and quick-thinking – which is how he became the agent for the U.S. government that he is. It is almost as if a different writer wrote this book under Harris’ name and thankfully, after looking forward at future issues, it looks like Hazard’s speech goes back to normal, making this even more of a strange curiosity. In the second tale, Robert Kanigher and Howard Chaykin continue the tale of the Bloody Red Baron and it soon comes to light that the person responsible is a family that has been in opposition to the Von Hammers for many generations and is now looking to end things with the finality of a duel. Von Hammer agrees, if only to cement his and his family’s future by reclaiming that which is his. As an added bonus, if he can rid himself of one more enemy along the way, all the better. Kanigher also throws a tiny wrench into the works as the Baron finds himself thinking of his opponent’s beautiful sister, a woman who blames the Germans for her twin brother’s death and with his focus split like it is, it could mean that his line may indeed come to an end. Men of War #13 was a good issue overall, but the dialogue showcased in the first story turned out to be awful and thus hut the story more than anything else.

3 out of 5

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