Four Colour Thoughts – Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1

The Creators – Kieron Gillen – Writer, Caspar Wijngaard – Artist, Mary Safro – Colours, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou – Letters

The Players – Peter Cannon, Pyrophorus, The Test, Baba Yaga, Nucleon, Supreme Justice

The Story – Martians threaten the Earth and it is up to Peter Cannon to stop them.

The Take – The latest iteration of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt is interesting to say the least as Kieron Gillen has definitely set it apart from most of the superhero books on the stands, at least as far as this first issue goes. It begins with an alien invasion and finds the various heroes of the world coming together to think of a way to stop said creatures before they destroy the Earth or at the very least, humanity. Enter Peter Cannon whom the governments of the Earth send their heroes to because the man not only has the brains to think of a solution, but the knowledge of an entire people at his disposal which has helped him to attain said current reputation as the person people go to in extraordinary situations. The book is a compelling read because for whatever reason, Cannon seems utterly disinterested in it all, his mind working at a level beyond that of a normal man and thus, knowing he is beyond most of the matters that plague mankind on a daily basis. It also seems that when it comes to his compatriots whom he has decided to help for the moment and who wish to work with him when said aliens are defeated to create some sort of global peace, he essentially turns his back on them, not caring or realising that at some point, such an action will eventually break down as humanity simply cannot exist without conflict and all efforts to the contrary being futile. By the end of the story, Gillen has also introduced a new villain for the hero, one that will surprise but one that should make things very intriguing going forward. Factor in all of these other heroes who for the most part are just as interesting and unique themselves and who will hopefully appear in the book later on at some point and Gillen seems to have a winner on his hands with this title. Providing some truly great artwork is Caspar Wijngaard with some slick colouring from Mary Safro and they make the story read incredibly well, both dramatic and exciting. Altogether a strong first outing for the venerable character who has had many tenures over the years and a title that will hopefully stick around for some time to come.

Worth It? – Yes.

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