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To Live Requires a… – Mutiny in Outer Space (1965)

Mutiny in Outer Space is not a film that one would call exceptional, but it does manage to innovate considering the date it was released, not to mention being fairly gripping. The story concerns exactly what the title implies, a mutiny taking place aboard a space station. Said act is taken due to the captain’s mental faculties coming under attack by some alien fungus, a spore that soon starts to spread throughout the station putting all at risk as food and water dwindle. Eventually a plan is put into motion that requires those within the ship and those back on Earth to work in conjunction if they are to survive at all.

Where it all becomes somewhat original is when the characters discuss what happens to those who stay in space for too long, the effects on the body and the mind. Most classic science-fiction films were keen to dwell on the monster or creature or threat that might be facing them, the actions taken and the outcome of it all. Here, it is not wholly different, but it does take into account some of the day to day things like exercise and the like and the toll that it might accrue. It may not be exciting, but it is interesting. The film also features an ending that might not be too flashy, but one that calls into account and uses the intelligence of the crew and how they might escape their current situation as the enemy they face is not the typical kind seen in such pictures. Desperate situations make for desperate measures and how the crew gets out of it all is likewise intriguing, especially as everyone, themselves included, had essentially given up.

There is a little bit of cheese to go with it all and while not necessarily the fault of the women who star in the movie and who all look to be of the model variety, it is their character’s attitudes which seem to find them all sex-starved. It is humorous to watch, yet somewhat odd and whether that was intentional or just a natural progression of the writers writing their script is hard to discern, but it does make for a fun watch. Additionally, the special effects were not all that fantastic, but the big screen has seen much worse before and after.

Those who star in the film are capable and put in some good performances, the bulk of the picture being fairly dramatic and making for an enjoyable time despite the lack of action and excitement. There is a bit here and there, but for the most part, it is the interactions between the various crew members that make the movie as good as it is, not to mention that final climactic scene.

For a B film, Mutiny in Outer Space would hit all the right notes and would set itself apart from much of the other standard space fare of the day.

3.5 out of 5

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