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Underestimating Humanity – Killers From Space (1954)

No matter what film he might star in and no matter the role, there is something undefinable about Peter Graves who headlines this picture, which makes his movies a must-see. It could be his voice which is a little deeper than most or it might be the easy manner in which he tackles each character given to him, but he man is captivating and thus as silly as Killers From Space might seem, it too becomes engrossing.

The story is not anything wholly original, dealing with some aliens who have come to Earth in order to destroy humanity so that they might use the planet for their purposes, but it is a lot of fun. It is not only because of the aforementioned Graves, but the film which is a solid B has some of the most ridiculous special effects ever seen. With a budget of what has to be close to nothing, the practical makeup consist of overly large and highly fake looking eyes that the aliens sport which are like that because that is simply how they evolved over time and they need the Earth’s resources as their planet is no longer able to sustain life. Additionally, to attain such a goal, they intend to use mutated, giant insects to wipe out the population, but there is one obvious flaw in their plan, one which Dr. Martin, the character that Graves portrays, notices immediately.

The cast is highly forgettable, the only person worth mentioning already having been mentioned, but they carry the material well, as cheesy as it is at certain points and they do so in all seriousness. A lot of this film might seem silly, but it is actually written quite well if clichéd at times, what with the alien abduction and missing time and so on, but one cannot help but be sucked into the events that unfold on-screen.

Killers in Space is not a movie that will be remembered as high art, but it is unfairly judged against those pictures with bigger stars and made with more money and ultimately, it may just surprise those who happen to come across it and give it a fair chance.

3 out of 5

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