Issue by Issue – Tales of the Zombie #10

Writer – Doug Moench, Gerry Conway, Carl Wessler, John Warner, Tom Sutton
Artist – Tony DeZuniga, Virgilio Redondo, Vicente Alcazar, Tom Sutton
Inker – Tony DeZuniga, Rudy Nebres, Vicente Alcazar, Tom Sutton

Brother Voodoo is at home resting as he entertains a visitor, the woman Loralee whom he rescued in the sixth issue of this very title, when he receives a message which essentially makes him flee from his own home and get on a plane to Haiti as fast as he can. It was a simple message, but one that tells him the dead walk again and he is needed – a plea that he cannot ignore. Written by none other than Doug Moench and drawn by Tony DeZuniga, they create a fast-paced adventure that finds their hero facing a horde of zombies called up by a power-hungry voodoo priest, one who has skill, but not as much as he would like. So it is that he summons Papa Jambo from the earth, the man who trained Brother Voodoo and it tears at Jericho Drumm’s heart to see his mentor defiled as such, not to mention all the other poor souls raised against their will. With the help of his deceased brother Daniel whose soul resides within his body, Brother Voodoo does what he does best and eventually overcomes, but not without a little casualty along the way. There are three additional stories featured, the first starring a doctor who gets his just rewards for arranging his boss’s death while the second finds karma strike down a cruel judge and his perverse sister. Finally the third and final tale finds a couple of grave robbers get into some business that is far more than they bargained for. The one thing that this book did not have was a Simon Garth story, something that was promised for this issue but was not present due to circumstances beyond Marvel’s control. In an opening blurb to the issue, it was revealed that originally there was to be yet another tale featuring everyone’s favourite zombie but thanks to an errant mistake with the mail, some of the pages of said story ended up in Guam. Reassuring fans that the tale would be published in the next book, all seemed right in the world. As some readers and collectors might know, there never was a next book because the title was cancelled and as it stood, the death Garth died in the ninth issue of the title would be, for all intents and purposes, his actual death. In a way, that worked out perfectly because it ended the tale of Simon Garth on a strong note and his story had a beginning, middle and an end where so many others do not. Be that as it may, those pages for the unpublished issue still exist and why Marvel has not released them out into the wild in published form for those fans of the character is a mystery. Thanks to The Bronze Age of Blogs, some of those pages are available to see down below. As for this issue, while it did not live up to the nine issues published previously; it was still a lot of fun and featured a lot of zombie action by many great creators.

4 out of 5

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  1. Comics used to be so much more diverse in their stories! Of course, I could never be bothered to read anything other than typical superhero titles, so I guess I’m part of the reason why these types of comics don’t exist anymore.

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