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Favourites 2018 – Film

2018 was a big year for film, packed with sequels and independent darlings among others from the major studios while Netflix kept trying to find itself some hits and managed a few, the streaming giant getting better at doing so. These are some favourites from the past year – not necessarily the best and maybe not the worst, but everything is subjective and some people will think differently and that is all right – ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ as the saying goes. These are listed in no particular order.


Black Panther – A film about the T’Challa, the King of Wakanda ripped from the pages of Marvel Comics and not only a great movie, but one that would change the game for superhero movies going forward. Packed with action, drama, tears, fears and Wakandan mythology, the movie captivated from start to finish.

A Quiet Place – Speaking of captivating, A Quiet Place would do just that with hardly a word of dialogue being spoken throughout its entire running time. This was definitely a different kind of horror film and a good one at that.

Christopher Robin – A movie that will take viewers back to a simpler time, reminiscing about their pasts while watching the same thing happen to the titular character. A film with all the feels.

Terrifier – A brutal and unforgiving movie about a killer clown that might turn a lot of people off, but one that cannot be recommended enough.

Rampage – A good, old fashioned giant monster movie starring Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson.

Avengers: Infinity War – Marvel Comics keeps the ball rolling with their films in Avengers: Infinity War, a movie that is a natural progression of everything that has come before, some of it taken from The Infinity Gauntlet storyline and a bit from Jonathan Hickman’s time on the Avengers line of books. It is a big, bold and exciting picture that has the bad guy not only winning out in the end, but a number of Avengers and heroes down for the count. This also happens to be a film that is the first half of a two-parter with Avengers: Endgame to be released in 2019.

Bird Box – A movie based on the book by Josh Malerman and adapted by Netflix, one that provides some genuinely creepy moments and a few thrills along the way.

Halloween – A return to form for the franchise that finds Michael on the loose again and a slasher done so right that it will hopefully lead to a resurgence of the genre.

Bohemian Rhapsody – A biopic of the band Queen with a focus on Freddie Mercury, brought to life brilliantly by Rami Malek. Some liberties were obviously taken to make the narrative flow better, but putting that aside, it makes you discover/rediscover the incredible music the band made and will have you singing along throughout the entire film.

Game Night – A slice of the ridiculous about a weekly game night that gets completely out of hand filled with laughs and insanity.

Mission Impossible: Fallout – Tom Cruise takes viewers on a sixth outing of the franchise that continues to get bigger and more exciting as the years pass by. Cruise outdoes himself in every one and the next film cannot come fast enough.

Aquaman – DC’s latest outing came as quite the surprise as most expected it to fail, but it turned out amazing – the special effects doing the Sea King justice and making the kingdom of Atlantis a thing of beauty. Jason Momoa was good if a little goofy at times, Orm the Ocean Master was perfectly cast as the villain of the piece and with Vulko, Mera, Black Manta Atlanna, the Trench and more being faithfully represented, the film sidles up to Wonder Woman as one of the best the Distinguished Competition has to offer.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Another Netflix film that puts a smile on the face from start to finish. The movie takes place in 1946 and finds a writer encountering the book club with the very strange name and with it, a little love along the way.

Hereditary – This is a horror movie that has to be watched to be believed, a definite slow burn, but worth every minute, especially when it comes to that crazy ending.

Ant-Man & the Wasp – Maybe not a blockbuster like Marvel’s other releases during the year, but film that provides sheer entertainment from beginning to end.


What are some of your favourites?

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