Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #39

Writer – Tom DeFalco, Roger Slifer
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Pablo Marcos
Colours – Phil Rachelson
Letters – Irving Watanabe

For the moment, the Mad Thinker stands triumphant while Daredevil and The Thing lie helpless. For whatever reason, the Mad Thinker has deduced that Daredevil must possess the power of prophecy and he means to make use of it. Of course, Daredevil denies having such abilities, but in that he also sees an opportunity to take advantage of the villain and though he tries to trick the Mad Thinker, it ends up being all for naught. So it is that the bad guy of the piece siezes control of The Thing’s mind and sends Daredevil along with Ben so that he might gain the real prize he seeks – that being The Vision. Written by Roger Slifer, with a little help by Tom DeFalco and with Ron Wilson in tow delivering some incredible artwork to accompany the story that is being told, it finds the heroes heading to Avengers Mansion in order to complete their quest. When it comes to the Avengers, none of them will just sit idly by and let themselves or another teammate be kidnapped and so it is that a battle breaks out between the two heroes and their objective with Yellowjacket being momentarily incapacitated while the rest of the team is not on the premises. Eventually the remotely-controlled member of the Fantastic Four and Daredevil accomplish their goal and deliver The Vision to the Mad Thinker as much as it tears at them. Slifer spins a good yarn and while the villain looks to come out on top, it is not for long and such is the case here as a bit of trickery does indeed take place. While Daredevil might not have fooled the Mad Thinker into believing that he did indeed have prophetic powers, he was able to pull a bit of a switcheroo back at Avengers Mansion and the previously thought unconscious Yellowjacket was not quite as comatose as it seemed. With the bad guy of the piece revelling in his newest acquisition, he finds that all is not as it appears and all the odds which were once in the villain’s favour are soon reversed and he finds himself in a situation of four against one. Even though he has the help of his androids, it is not long before the Mad Thinker stands defeated. Perhaps it is a little cliché that the heroes win out again, but Slifer knows that the key to the title is having the Thing standing tall. None of this exactly plays out to bettering Ben’s standing in the courts though and that still needs to be resolved, but with the evidence that he now has and having a lawyer like Murdock on his side, not to mention a couple of Avengers to vouch for him, it should be taken for granted that The Thing will most likely be a free man once again.

4 out of 5

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