Lost and Alone is… – The Woodsman (2012)

Aside from the opening scene of the movie, The Woodsman turns out to be a one man show starring Maurice Ripke who is a man with a popular web series showcasing himself and how he fares in various wooded locales. As such, the movie is mainly shot in found footage style and it works well with Ripke doing a surprisingly good job at keeping the viewer’s attention. He is not all that believable as a Bear Grylls type of guy, but he does a fair job and while there is essentially nothing going on but Ripke walking through the woods and documenting himself as he goes along, it makes for some interesting viewing. Eventually, as spoiled by the poster of this film, Ripke runs into trouble and that is where the big problem with the film lies.

The movie, at least by its poster, promises the audience that there will be a Bigfoot and sadly, there is not. When said creature attacks Ripke, it is off-screen and while it is somewhat suspenseful and has enough tension throughout to keep the audience, eventually one expects to see the antagonist. If the monster did appear, it was for seconds only and one would have had to have been glued to the screen in order to see it. As a creature feature, the movie failed on that account and ended up being more of a thriller than anything else. The audience is also left wondering why Ripke did not bring any sort of weapon with him out into the woods, even if it were just a Swiss Army knife so that he might fashion himself a spear of some sort to defend himself. Not even trying to fight back was weak and he turned out to be a pretty poor survivalist in general.

The Woodsman is not all that bad, but it could have been far better if the script and story were tightened up and the filmmakers actually had the Bigfoot appear in the film. Simply put, just not worth the time.

2 out of 5

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