From Hell’s Heart… – 2010: Moby Dick (2010)

Anyone who goes into 2010: Moby Dick and expects a serious picture is going to be disappointed. It was made by The Asylum after all and viewers have to know that on some level, it is going to be bad. On the plus side, it might also be one of the best films they have ever put out.

Everything one expects to see in a film entitled Moby Dick is here including Captain Ahab, played to perfection by Barry Bostwick who performs it straight up and thus comes off as being slightly ludicrous, a little funny and yet highly entertaining given the type of movie. He has his madness to accompany him, his ship, his harpoon and of course, there is Moby Dick – the biggest whale that anyone has ever seen and a creature that took Ahab’s leg many years previous. One is not meant to go into this film thinking it is going to be literature’s greatest film adaptation, but there are a few lines that people may recognise and Bostwick serves it all up with the right balance of charm and hostility. Joining him in this endeavour are a number of actors who all do a fairly good job, but it is Renee O’Connor who stands out from the bunch, the former Gabrielle from Xena fame and who still has it in every way and the one whom viewers will latch onto as one of the only voices of reason within the entire film.

There are obvious plot holes to be found such as how O’Connor’s character survived a nuclear strike and the script definitely needed a little work, but it was all serviceable in the end. As for the CGI which has been likened to awful, it was not as bad as all that and looked far better than many of the shark films put out by The Asylum over the years. The whale might have left a wee bit to be desired, but for the most part, it definitely played its part well and gave the movie the giant monster it needed. There were of course some ridiculous liberties taken with the creature, such as it swallowing helicopters and all that, crawling over land and essentially jumping over an island, but it was all a bit of fun to be had and never really disappointed.

Obviously there are going to be those who do not like this film, more than a few probably, but when it comes to B movies, one has to take some of them with a grain of salt and 2010: Moby Dick is one of them. At the very least, Bostwick and O’Connor made it better than it might have been and gave it a sliver of credibility, a teeny, tiny little sliver.

2.5 out of 5

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