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Mystery Solved – Bermuda Tentacles (2014)

Released by The Asylum, Bermuda Tentacles really had no chance of being any good, but in a completely unpredictable move, it managed to be all right. Not great by any means and for the most part a little cringe-worthy when it came to the acting, but decent enough that one could sit through it all and not feel like they watched a hot mess of garbage.

That being said, it was hard to watch at times thanks to the aforementioned acting and it is not as if they did not have a talented cast to work with. Starring Linda Hamilton, John Savage, Jamie Kennedy and Trevor Donovan, the film actually had more names attached to it than one would have thought possible, but they, like the rest of those they worked with, would not be all that great with perhaps the exception of Savage. Maybe they felt the script was not up to par as they were delivering their lines or it was just that bad, but Hamilton seemed bored by it all and there would be no emotional connection to any of the players throughout. If the tentacles that attacked them throughout the film had killed them all, it probably would have made for not only a shorter movie, because it was overlong, but a better one.

The one positive was the story which would see aliens responsible for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle over the years, capturing various ships and whatnot and storing them within their ship. It would play off as a giant creature at first, but would be a swerve and turn out to be something else, a little disappointing, but not enough to ruin what was happening. If this film had managed to get stronger writers and some better actors, they might have sold it just a little better. As for the CGI, it has been lambasted by many, but it was not all that bad, especially given The Asylum’s record of bad special effects. Of course it all looked phoney, but when it came down to it, much worse has been seen on the big and small screen than just a few strange looking tentacles.

When all is said and done, watching anything but this is recommended because life is short and there are thousands of better films out in the world to digest before a stomach ache like this one. It is palatable, yet out of all the Syfy adventures to go on, it is one of the better ones, but that is not really saying all that much.

1 out of 5

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