Deep in the Woods… – American Bigfoot (2017)

A Bigfoot cub is killed by a drunk with a gun and when Mom starts freaking out, Dad decides to go and find her a replacement in the form of a little boy. Doing that manages to get himself seen by the public and soon it is not too long before it makes believers out of the local law enforcement. Factor in some bodies that start piling up and the hunt for Bigfoot is on.

American Bigfoot or Kampout, is a film that actually has a couple of names attached to it like Zach Galligan and Clint Howard and yet, they are not enough to save this steaming pile of mediocrity from being anything but. It is not that the two did anything bad, their performances were among the best in the film, but that would sadly not apply to the rest of the cast who were just a little lacking in the talent department. That being said, the creatures themselves actually looked pretty good. They were not frightening so much as just really large Muppets with a lot of hair, but they looked good and that in itself was really nice to see.

What really set this film up to fail was a complete lack of excitement, the movie just dragging by at a glacial pace. It was, to put it bluntly, boring. Extremely boring and so much so that those who give this film a shot will just end up doing laundry or dishes or some other menial task without a care in the world as to what is happening on screen. That in itself is probably what hurt this monster movie the most which is a little sad as it was not the monsters that disappointed this time around.

1 out of 5

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