Mating Season – Bigfoot (1970)

Once upon a time, The Post described the creature in this film as ‘The greatest monster since King Kong.’ It is unclear as to which movie The Post was watching at the time when they fired off this comment for the promotional material for Bigfoot, but it definitely was not this film.

There is little that one could call good in this picture, but if there is anything, it is John Carradine who was a master of hamming it up, more than likely the reason he was chosen to star in this film. The man always seemed to appear in the worst movies and yet he always made them better, if only because he was so ridiculous. Never has a man exclaimed so much as Carradine does in this movie except possibly for Carradine himself in some other film.

The creature effects were atrociously bad, so awful in fact that Roger Corman might have been embarrassed to put his name to this movie. The direction and editing of this film was not much better, there being absolutely no budget to speak of by the looks of it, the cast and crew probably working for their dinner, if even that much. The acting was awful, the bikes and bikers not very imposing in any way whatsoever and if there had to be one other draw, it was Joi Lansing and Judy Jordan in her bikini, tied up and fodder for the sasquatches to mate with.

Bigfoot is the lowest of the low, a grade Z film that falls into that rarefied category of ‘so bad it’s good.’ It might be terrible on every level and offer nothing to the casual viewer, but for those that like to venture into territory such as this, it at least entertains, if only slightly.

2 out of 5

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