Through the Swamps… – Xtinction: Predator X (2010)

Whether known as Xtinction: Predator X, Alligator X or even just Predator X, it is not a movie about a giant alligator as they might have its audience believe, but about a giant Pliosaurus, brought back to life by a not quite so mad madman as played by Mark Sheppard, or as most people know him – Crowley from the show Supernatural. To be honest, nobody will ever associate the man as anyone other than Crowley going forward, but the man does a good job in this film as Dr. Charles LeBlanc and he is one of the few bright spots to be found within. Surprisingly though and it is quite a surprise, Xtinction: Predator X is eminently watchable despite the corniness to be discovered by the viewers and the odd bit which is more than a little cheesy.

Even the Pliosaurus looked sort of decent, at least as far as these movies go, though obviously not as good as it could have been given some adequate funding. At the very least, the makers of this film kept it out of sight for the bulk of the picture and when it did show up, it usually was not for very long. Doing as such managed to add a little suspense to the entire affair and give a little to that fear of the unknown more than anything else, yet there was little that was frightening to be found in the film overall. The one thing that could be called a little scary was the two inbred swamp rats who assumedly raped the blond woman or so it was hinted at and even then, it was not so much scary as it was distasteful and gross. While it was not necessarily needed, it did make the two men seem like a threat and gave the picture some added tension where there was little before.

Also starring Lochlyn Munro as the town sheriff, he added a little star power to the movie amongst the largely unfamiliar cast, though as a whole, everyone did a fair to good job. Like other movies of this sort featuring a mad doctor only concerned with his experiments, it follows a certain path and though a little familiar at times, there is enough here to keep the viewer hooked in and watching from beginning to end. In a sea of bad creature features and monster movies, Xtinction: Predator X it not all that bad. Not great, but a fun romp through the Louisiana swamps.

2.5 out of 5

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  1. You could have added a full star more for the film having Lochlyn Munro,the patron saint of our blog!! *LOL* I just watched another of these clunkers called “Asteroid: Final Impact”…..whew……talk about action packed!!
    Fun review as always!

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