Draining Blood Beneath the Waves – Bering Sea Beast (2013)

Sometimes, someone somewhere thinks up a concept or an idea that is absolutely ingenious, one that would make an incredible film if done right. Such is the case with Bering Sea Beast or Beast of the Bering Sea, except for the doing it right part. Sea vampires? It sounds amazing and it gets the imagination firing on all cylinders, yet the sad thing about it all is that whatever it is that is being imagined is far better than what ultimately made it onto the screen with this movie.

For those that enjoy films of this sort, they might recognise Cassandra Scerbo from the Sharknado franchise and should the name not ring a bell, the movie also stars Johnathan Lipnicki, the little boy from Jerry McGuire, all grown up and a terrible actor in his own right. Granted, the material given these actors is not the greatest they could have gotten and as bad as the special effects are and they are quite terrible, the film is not the worst schlocker to make it direct to video.

The story itself finds a man killed out at sea, a claim of gold being fought over between the protagonists and their opposition, bloodless seals washing up on shore and a scientist who thinks she might know what is going on. Also, one cannot forget the old fairy-tales and legends of the area about the so-called sea vampires which as the viewer will immediately know, will turn out to be true.

All of it sounds like nonsense and it does not help that the cast and the makers of this film were not up to par, but they manage to hold it together just enough that it still ends up intriguing the viewer into sitting through it until the better end.

If it was not all so familiar in the way it played out, Bering Sea Beast might have been a little better than it was, that and a budget to pay for some actual special effects not made on a Commodore 64.

2 out of 5

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