Hither it Slithers – King Cobra (1999)

King Cobra, as one might immediately guess, is not a film that was made for the big screen and thus is probably a movie that is not all that good. Surprisingly, it is also not all that bad. There are faults to be had and a lot of them. Great big king cobra-sized logic holes that the makers of this film assume the audience will just gloss over like the snake trap for one and yet in spite of them, it was a somewhat captivating experience.

When an lab explosion accidentally releases a giant snake, one that was genetically modified with the best assets of both a King Cobra and an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, it is up to country doctor Doc Kragen and snake professor Nick Hashimoto as played by Pat Morita to try and figure out how to take care of the problem before it kills everybody.

While the acting in the film is not what a person would call top-notch and the script not being all that it could be, King Cobra is a fairly decent B film. Most of that can be attributed to Pat Morita, whom it was a little startling to see, but given that he would never attain a career-high role like Mr. Miyagi after the Karate Kid again, perhaps it was not all that remarkable. Here he plays a herpetologist and while it seems like little is called for in the role, the man basically going through the motions and phoning it in, he was still heads and tails far better than the rest. When it came to the giant snake, it actually did not look all that bad, and is far better than what most would see on the Syfy channel in any given creature feature by The Asylum or Mark Polonia.

At the end of the day there is little to recommend this film, but if happening upon it, it is not the worst monster movie one will ever see an if a fan of enormous man-eating snakes, the movie will definitely please.

2 out of 5

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