Just Like Flies – Arachnicide (2014)

A team of commandos is sent to take down a lab where a researcher has discovered a way to speed up the growth of various plants and animals, those men believing that it might be used in the processing of illegal drugs. When they arrive, they discover just a little more than they bargained for and with a title like Arachnicide, one can assume exactly what that might be.

For a television movie, Arachnicide actually looks all right, but the dubbing used makes it almost intolerable. There is quite a bit of action involving these commandos right from the start and while it does capture the attention of the viewer for a bit, listening to them speak is incredibly distracting and their acting leaves a lot to be desired. That being said, the first half of the picture sets it up so that when the soldiers head to the aforementioned research lab, the rest of the film is pure excitement and spider-filled mayhem. If one has not already turned the movie off before this point, the latter half at least makes up for the almost tedious first as the spiders that have grown into gigantic monsters start killing everything in their path. To be fair, the special effects are not the best and that is to be expected with the film being made for television, but they more than likely would have been better off if they had used rubber suits and practical effects over poor CGI. For the most part, it manages to be fairly tolerable, but there are moments when it breaks because the budget was not seemingly there.

Some of those that decide to watch this film may like it more than others, especially during the conclusion to the movie as it plays out more like a first person shooter, obviously catering to the current gaming generation, but even then, most video games look better than this picture did at times. With it being just a touch too long and there being not enough of a focus on the titular monsters, Arachnicide is not all that great, but it is not the worst a person will ever see either.

1.5 out of 5

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