Best Left in the Past – Jurassic Prey (2015)

Jurassic Prey sounds like it could be a good movie, but then a lot of films sound like they could be good, the reality being something else entirely. Such is the case here.

There is nothing that can save this picture, no redeeming quality, not even the dinosaur that occasionally makes a meal of an unassuming bystander. The special effects, the awful CGI and the rubber suit used to bring said dinosaur to life are some of the worst to ever make its way to the direct-to-DVD market as there is no way this ever ended up on the big screen.

The acting is cringe-worthy and the story is achingly boring, though there are times that the audience might get a chuckle out of it, it being just so bad. While one usually has to give makers of any film credit for trying their best and doing something that few ever get to do, it is hard to say if their best was even attempted.

One has to wonder just who Jurassic Prey was made for, but it was arguably not for the average person. It only registers because the poster/cover art makes it look better than it is, luring and ensnaring viewers with the promise of something possibly great and immediately letting them down when realising it is worse than the local primary school’s production of Hamlet. A truly awful film.

0.5 out of 5

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