Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #36

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Ernie Chan
Colours – Michele Wolfman
Letters – Joe Rosen

Still on the run as seen in the previous issue from a crazed Aztec priest and dinosaurs bearing down on them from all directions; The Thing, Skull the Slayer and the rest of the time-lost companions just manage to evade more than a few of the monsters after landing in a lake on their way to scavenge for parts. The journey there is more eventful than the one back and it turns out to be successful, the group getting the experimental plane Ben landed in running again. So it is that they race back through the time tunnel in order to escape their current predicament, hoping to leave it all behind. Surprise, surprise though, Marv Wolfman and Ernie Chan do not make it that easy on the companions as the priest follows them through into modern times with some Pterodactyls to boot.  They capture Ann Reynolds which then leaves it up to The Thing, Skull and now joining them, Mr. Fantastic to take care of the villains. Some astute readers will find that the plot involving Reed’s powers somewhat fluctuating has continued from the ongoing Fantastic Four title and it almost throws a wrench into the works as it gets to a point where Reed might not be able to effect a daring rescue. Being the hero that he is though, he still manages to accomplish the job.  The action moves the story along quite rapidly and one has to chuckle a little bit at just how much The Thing tends to jabber on throughout it all among other things. This particular story also marks the end of Skull’s adventures and ties up all the loose ends from his ongoing title when it was cancelled not long before. The one thing that Wolfman does do, which seems a little rushed and perhaps a little out of character given what went on previously, is Dr. Raymond Corey apologising to Scully about the way he treated him while in the prehistoric past. Scully accepts said apology which also proves that he is the bigger man of the two and Wolfman goes on to describe how Scully will turn himself into the authorities to try and clear his name. At the end of it all, the Jaguar priest is defeated, Ann is rescued and everything turns out for the better, except those pesky Pterodactyls which are still momentarily trapped in the current time, which readers will no doubt assume that Reed will take care of. Altogether this was a fun issue, but it felt a little rushed even though it was a two-part story. At least readers can be thankful that Skull got a proper conclusion, even if it was not in his own title.

3.5 out of 5

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