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Undone by Love – Robot Monster (1953)

Often cited as one of the worst films of all time, it is perhaps an exaggeration to say the least, but Robot Monster comes quite close. Crafted on a budget of nothing, the film sports some extremely poor special effects, a slipshod story and enough schlock for two films. Surprisingly though, there is a bit of talent behind the camera with Phil Tucker and as inane and insane as this movie is and as much as it fails to make sense at times, it remains a bit of greatness among those that circle the bottom of the barrel.

The story finds an alien come to Earth, a robot monster as it were, one with the body of a gorilla and an astronaut helmet for a head who proceeds to kill all human life upon the planet. Ro-Man, for that is his name, is confounded though because one small group of people still persist and he means to eradicate them. One thing stands in his way though, something unexpected and it is something that only a space-ape and a virile young woman can experience – love.

Despite all the hokeyness present, like the fact that the main villain who is a weird amalgamation of ape and robot falls in love with an Earth-woman, the picture is nevertheless quite enjoyable because of it. It is ridiculous and silly, the acting is never all that great and it never makes that much sense, but it is fun and seeing these people who now live in a post-apocalyptic present try and survive the machinations of an alien that never seems to have a clue as to what to do, keeps the viewer glued to their seat.

Robot Monster is not high art, but if watching a movie called Robot Monster that is not what one would be looking for. Many call it awful or worse, but it is one of the better ‘budget’ movies one can hope to see, if only for the creature alone.

2 out of 5

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