Four Colour Thoughts – Go-Bots #1

The Creators – Writer, Artist, Inker, Colours, Letters – Tom Scioli

The Players – Leader-1, Cy-Kill, Turbo, Scooter

The Story – Something has happened and the once peaceful Go-Bots who served the humans, have now begun to stray from that path.

The Take – It has been proven time and again that Tom Scioli is a master when it comes to creating comics, whether it be Godland with Joe Casey or Transformers vs. G.I. Joe and here, Scioli does it all from pencils to inks, colours to lettering and writing as well. It is a fantastic throwback to a bunch of robots that never made it quite as big as the rival Transformers, though they did give it a fair shot. Within these pages one will read, they will see the return of favourites like Turbo, Scooter, Leader-1 and villain supreme, Cy-Kill. Also being found within is a lot of story, packed into panel after panel, page after page and while it looks daunting at first glance, it manages to be a lot of fun, if a little simple in terms of plot and dialogue, almost as if it were being written for the television show which aired many moons ago. Perhaps the only weakness is the dialogue, it not being as sophisticated as readers would expect in these modern times, but does hit that nostalgia note and thus, reads better than it probably would otherwise. There are a couple of times where the story just abruptly shifts to another scene out of the blue as it were and it manages to be slightly jarring for a second, but overall, Scioli does a great job at keeping one’s attention. As for the story, it takes place at some time in the future where robots or Go-Bots as it were, are everyday servants of the human race. Not shown though is the fact that the Asimov law of robotics about not killing humans has been somehow corrupted and thus it makes some of these once harmless Go-Bots dangerous. When it becomes known that some of them are possibly gathering with ill intentions, Leader-1 and his human are sent to investigate and what they find is Cy-Kill and his forces easily outnumbering them and looking to overthrow the planet, casting mankind in the role of servant, or worse, plant food. Scioli fills the book with a ton of action after the necessary introductions and backstory is told and given the ending of the comic, one can definitely expect Cy-Kill to give Leader-1 and the rest of the Go-Bots a hard time of it as he is determined to be free to do as he wishes. Though the book might only find fans among a very select market, it is worth the read, especially if one is looking for some giant robot action and an alternative to IDW’s Robots in Disguise.

Worth It? – Yes.

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