Issue by Issue – Tales of the Zombie #8

Writer – Tony Isabella, Steve Gerber, David Anthony Kraft, Larry Lieber, Chris Claremont
Artist – Mike Kaluta, Pablo Marcos, Ron Wilson, Alfredo Alcala
Inker – Pablo Marcos, Mike Esposito, Frank Giacoia

After a quick one-pager by Tony Isabella and Mike Kaluta called The Voodoo Killers, the book gets into it with the lead feature, A Death Made Out of Ticky-Tacky by Steve Gerber and Pablo Marcos starring Simon Garth, the zombie that has carried this title for eight straight issues. Garth is accompanied by Layla as the story begins, the woman who turned him into the shambling creature he currently finds himself as and she looks to find a cure for the former man, or at the very least, a permanent death. Soon they find themselves separated, Layla going about the business of helping her former lover and Garth disappearing, having been summoned by the second amulet, twin to his own. It is not long before Garth arrives at a party, the man who holds the amulet not knowing what he has and after a lot of confusion, they discover just what they can do with a zombie at their command – that being revenge and death at its hands. Once again scribed by none other than Steve Gerber and illustrated by Pablo Marcos, it looks and reads incredibly well and is a standout among the other books released in 1974. David Anthony Kraft spins a prose tale of a young boy who dies and voodoo which is used to bring him back while Chris Claremont takes a look at voodoo temples. Night of the Hunted is a fun yet dangerous tale of prisoners being treated as slaves and thus, when they are unable to take it anymore, one of them summons their cousin who just so happens to be a voodoo priest. Chronicled by Larry Lieber and Ron Wilson among others, they depict the despicable actions of the warden who likes to hunt his prisoners throughout the swamps and when he encounters Nago-Ramal, his racism, his guns and his dogs will not be enough to save himself. In the final tale of the book called Makao’s Vengeance, it sees a treasure hunter treat those who aid him abominably and as such, finds himself on the wrong end of some killer bees. Overall this was an exceptionally strong issue, the lead feature of course pulling the reader in more than anything else, but each successive story still managed to capture the interest of those who decided to peruse them. Simon Garth, despite being a creature that is unable to talk or do much of anything either than shamble around and cause a little horror and violence wherever he goes is utterly captivating and makes for a very magnetic character one can easily get behind. At the end of the day, Gerber and Marcos continue to top themselves with every issue and this one was no exception.

5 out of 5

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