Issue by Issue – Men of War #2

Writer – David Michelinie, Robert Kanigher
Artist – Arvell Jones, Ed Davis
Inker – Romeo Tanghal, Juan Ortiz
Colours – Jerry Serpe

The Five-Walled War continues the story of Ulysses Hazard and it sees him breaking into the Pentagon of all places. Why would David Michelinie, Arvell Jones and Romeo Tanghal send him into one of the most heavily fortified places upon the planet? There is only one reason and that is because Hazard wants to prove his worth, to show that he can do what any other soldier can do and perhaps even better. So it is that he breaks into one of the greatest military installations in the United States, evading guards and disabling those without killing any on his way to the inner chambers where he is finally caught and when questioned why, he flat out tells those in charge that he deserves a chance to do what every other soldier does upon the field of battle and because of what he just did, he is given the opportunity. The second story featured within is a continuation from the first issue which sees Hans Von Hammer, the Enemy Ace as he is widely known; face off once again against the black Bristol he thought he destroyed earlier. At this point, while he has confidence and skill on his side, Robert Kanigher gives ‘The Hammer of Hell’ a foe that he might not be able to overcome as it does not take long for the Bristol to get the upper hand. The pencils by Ed Davis are exciting, to say the least as the aerial battle between the two sees them trying to get the better of each other. By the end of it and thanks to the man who attacked Von Hammer previously after temporarily losing his mind a little, the Bristol goes down in flames once again, but it is not long before it rises once more for the third time and it sees Von Hammer a little stupefied, not to mention that maybe, just maybe, a little bit afraid. Both stories are good and quite enjoyable, packed with action and drama, though both completely different in nature. Though the two men are looking to prove themselves, one is looking to finally enter the fight he felt he should have long before while the other is looking to survive a battle he is not sure he will come out of alive. The leading characters are strong in nature with Gravedigger, as he was just named by his boss, not believing in the slightest that he can fail no matter the task given while Von Hammer has always felt as such, only now his faith and mettle being tested. With great artwork by a talented cast and stories by Michelinie and Kanigher of the highest order, the second issue of Men of War is a must-read.

4 out of 5

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