Four Colour Thoughts – The Green Lantern #1

The Creators – Grant Morrison – Writer, Liam Sharp – Artist, Steve Oliff – Colours, Tom Orzechowski – Letters

The Players – Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Guardians of the Universe

The Story – A couple of new characters are introduced, a couple of fights are had and Hal Jordan is called upon once more.

The Take – Gone are the universe-shaking storylines, gone is the overly large and familiar cast and gone is almost everything that has come before. It is not that it does not exist, simply that Grant Morrison wanted to take the book back to a simpler, more streamlined version of the character, that which Hal Jordan essentially started out as and how Morrison puts it – a space cop. Not a bad idea and maybe something that was needed, at least thought of by some and it is interesting for the most part. The first few scenes of the issue deals with a Lantern named Maxim Tox, trying to rein in some space pirates which eventually leads to their capture and their transportation to prison, though on the way, it gets derailed and ends up on Earth for Jordan to clean up. The story itself is nothing overly original, though Morrison does introduce some new Green Lanterns into the mix which is nice to see, but as a whole, it feels a little disjointed. Reading this felt reminiscent of late 1970’s, early 80’s science-fiction films and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems like there are bits missing here and there and it ultimately spoils the flow of the book in certain places. Helping to smooth that over though is the incredible artwork from Liam Sharp whose style would seem incompatible at first for the character and instead turns out to be a truly wonderful surprise and some intricate eye-candy to say the least. One can see Morrison sliding some of his big ideas into the story like the Book of Oa being corrupted and it promises good things to come as the story progresses, but for a first issue, it feels like it missed a beat. For the longest time, Green Lantern has been a big action book, one that excites with each and every issue filled with space drama and that was missing here. There was little to no excitement to be found. It was intriguing and even fascinating at times, but there was nothing that would really make the reader get fired up, that would get the blood pumping or more importantly, make those who did decide to pick it up, continue picking it up. The mystery that Morrison and Sharp dangle before the reader during the last few pages, which were also the best few pages, was not so riveting that coming back next month is a must. This could turn out to be the greatest Green Lantern story arc of all time, but for a first issue and while it was a good read, this book needed to do more and sadly it may leave some readers a little indifferent about it when all is said and done.

Worth It? – For fans of Morrison, Sharp, Green Lantern or slow-burn science-fiction.

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