Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #33

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Pablo Marcos
Colours – Francoise Mouly
Letters – Irving Watanabe

It would be fair to say that Ben Grimm’s and Alicia Masters’ trip to Great Britain and England in particular was a colossal failure as time and again they would find themselves being attacked by all manner of villain and subjected to hardships most couples would normally never experience. So it is that the two decide to take a break and head out to Stonehenge to take it all in, but Marv Wolfman and Ron Wilson have other plans for the two and it does not have anything to do with a bit of relaxation. Being Stonehenge and all, one has to know that magic will play a part in it all and given that the cover of the book immediately gives away who will be starring, in this case Modred the Mystic, magic is indeed on the table. It begins with the arrival of four elementals named Mud, Aero, Hydro, and Fire – creatures looking to capture some humans in order to further their power so that they might bring Modred to heel. A battle ensues with The Thing making little headway against the group and when Spider-Woman shows up, she too is able to do very little against the creatures. It is only when Modred makes his appearance that any real damage is done to the monsters and it is not long before they are defeated. While it is only shown momentarily, Wolfman connects up the events of the thieves and their secret treasure from the previous issues, associating it to the elementals. An almost sad payoff, but at least it is finished, or so it would appear. One of the stranger things to happen was the involvement of Spider-Woman, who for whatever reason, followed Ben and Alicia out to Stonehenge. To say that it was a little creepy is stating it lightly as following Ben around London was one thing, but doing this were the actions of a stalker. Suffice it to say; at least she was there to help, no matter what her reasoning might have been. As for Modred, the man is a character that has had a spotty history in the Marvel Universe, but here, at least for the moment, the man plays the hero and when all is said and done, takes Spider-Woman under his wing to aid her in discovering who she is and to help her in where she is going. Though it seemed a happy ending for Spider-Woman, the storyline both here and elsewhere would go no further, although in time, she would get her own title. At the end of it all, The Thing and Alicia would walk free, but with a little help from Modred and a spell of forgetfulness, for all they know, they had a great day out and nothing more. With a fun story by Wolfman and some great artwork by Wilson, they make reading Marvel Two-In-One a continuous pleasure.

3.5 out of 5

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