Just a Little Tickle With a Sickle – Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1986)

There have been many massacres perpetrated on film over the years involving everything from cheerleaders to sorority houses to hospitals to slumber parties and if there is one thing that holds true, people cannot get enough of them. That is why in 1986 another massacre was born, this time at a mountaintop motel where a little old lady would take a vested interest in her guests and it would not be to see if their stay was comfortable.

As far as slashers go, Mountaintop Motel Massacre is not all that bad. Predictable, yes as once the first murder happens, one immediately knows what is going to follow. In fact, the title alone essentially gives the entire movie away, but it still manages to be a lot of fun. The killer in question is an old lady named Evelyn as played by Anna Chappell who is mad as a hatter, the why of it never being revealed but ultimately unnecessary to the larger story as all one simply needs to know is that very fact and that those who decide to stop in at her motel will most likely not live very long. Aside from the first kill, that being Evelyn’s very own daughter who was practising witchcraft of all things, the film moves a little slowly in order for director and writer Jim McCullough Sr. to fill the motel up with all sorts of guests that Evelyn would find unsavoury at the very least and for those who might have escaped her notice, it would be too late having been triggered. As for those that die, they do so in a variety of ways though for the most part, it is all down to the sickle that Evelyn wields and she does so in a manner that borders on manic.

Chappell is convincing as the crazed woman, a frightening figure of a person who should have gotten more help than she did at the institution she was kept at. The rest of the cast is all right and do the job well enough to sell the picture though none exact any real sympathy from the audience except for the young married couple who are just beginning their lives. Everything about the film is fairly standard from the direction to the music and nothing really lifts it above being average slasher fair, but on the whole it was a movie that those who like the genre will find some entertainment in.

3 out 5

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