Issue by Issue – Tales of the Zombie #4

Writer – Steve Gerber, Gerry Conway, Tony Isabella, Doug Moench, John Albano
Artist – Pablo Marcos, Rich Buckler, Ron Wilson, Win Mortimer, Ernie Chua
Inker – Pablo Marcos, Vic Martin, Win Mortimer

Steve Gerber and Pablo Marcos team up to chronicle the ongoing saga of Simon Garth and it begins at the cliff-side over which he threw the poor woman named Moira who was cursed by the voodoo priestess Katanya and who now has set her sights on everyone’s favourite undead protagonist. It is here that Garth faces perhaps his first real trial, a beating unlike any he has ever had before and one that would kill a mortal man, but suffice it to say, he is anything but and it not long before he rises again, fully healed thanks to the amulet and now in New Orleans. Following that is an article about James Bond and Baron Samedi, a film review by Don McGregor and an article further on in the book by incredible author Lin Carter called Neo-Witchcraft. Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler tell a tale of a greedy man whose fate catches up with him when he decides to cheat another he hired as a voodoo expert which then ends up being bad for him as the man was indeed just that. The tables are turned in a one-page short by Tony Isabella and Ron Wilson while Doug Moench and Win Mortimer tell a tale of a black widow whose dead husband is called forth from the grave to do her bidding, but things go awry when she overestimates the hand she plays. Four Daughters of Death is a spectacular chiller by John Albano and Ernie Chua that finds four girls commit a prison break and one by one, they are killed off by what they think is a curse and turns out to be something else in a very solid twist. As it is, the book finishes off with Simon Garth once again, who follows the call of his new master – a man who has fallen on hard times, farther than most have ever fallen and who lies on the brink of madness. What makes this story so good is that it spins Garth in a different direction than usual as he becomes not just a slave to the man who holds the amulet, but a saviour of sorts, a tether to sanity which seems incredibly strange as he is a zombie and should not even exist in the first place. Gerber’s story is as captivating as ever and the artwork by Marcos is utter perfection. Garth is horror personified and seeing him toss people around as if they were feathers is both frightening and awesome. It all makes for great entertainment and is the better tale in the book, though some of them come close to being nearly as good. As for the latest supporting character, Phillip Bliss, he is definitely colourful, but it does not seem like he is fated to stick around for very long.

5 out of 5

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