Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – V H S HORROR

Energise your Monday and get ready for Halloween with some great synth tracks by the likes of Power Glove, Mega Drive, Dakarius and more.


Power Glove: Fatal Affair – 0:00
NETRVNNR: Daemon Lair – 3:14
Pontiac at Night: The Unholy – 7:18
Dakarius: Black Rose – 11:15
Mitch Murder: Savage – 15:13
Ron Cannon: Entering Darkness – 20:08
Karate King: It came from The Woods – 23:48
Lazerpunk: VHS Horror – 29:04
Electric Dragon: Witching Hour – 32:40
Mega Drive: Maniac – 36:40
Mitch Murder: Taken – 42:21
Dance w/The Dead: A Nightmare on Elm Street theme – 45:55
Secret Destroyers: Revenge Reborn – 49:11
Raydar: Satan – 52:34
Flash Arnold: The Outbreak – 57:22
Mega Drive: Flawless – 1:03:16

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